We live in La Quinta, CA where, in July, the desert weather is over 110-degrees every single day. Our central A/C quit working on a sweltering 118-degree day. We immediately called AHS (our warranty coverage) and was told they could not send any A/C repair person for 6 days due to the extremely high influx of calls during this higher than average heat wave.The inside of our house reached over 120-degrees and we have an elderly person, a cat, a bird, and five dogs. Still, AHS said we’d just have to wait it out. Finally, on the seventh day and numerous phone calls to AHS, they sent over  “Just One Call”. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After forty years and owning several homes, this A/C company is by far the VERY BEST we have ever dealt with. Our serviceman, Simon, was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and understanding. We highly recommended “Just One Call” and kudos to the company for hiring this outstanding person. He spent several hours (outside in the blistering heat), explained each problem in detail, and went above and beyond to make certain everything was working perfectly prior to leaving. Unbelievable company and service!!!