There is nothing more fun than having a playful time with your pet in a cozy and warm environment. Beyond feeding your pets daily, you also need to take care of your pet’s hygiene.

Homeowners with pets need to have a different approach to maintaining their heating devices than others, as it is essential to keep themselves and their pets healthy. It is necessary to avoid the sudden need for heating repair services by keeping your heating system working smoothly.

Our Heating Experts Will Give You Some Proven Tips to Maintain Your Furnace If You Are a Pet Owner.

Proven Tips to Maintain Your Furnace If You Are a Pet Owner

Groom Your Pets Regularly 

Grooming your pets is essential because it not only keeps your pets feeling great, but they shed less. If you do not groom your pet right, the amount of hair your pet sheds may increase. As a result, your furnace filters will accumulate and clog, causing your furnace to work harder than usual.

Regular grooming visits for your pet means less pet dander inside your home and furnace filters.

Clean the Air Ducts and Vents 

Your vents and air ducts can accumulate pet hair and become an ideal breeding place for many bacteria and viruses. We recommend cleaning the air ducts and vents frequently. You can call a technician to clean the air ducts and vents and diagnose your existing duct system for leaks and other issues before they turn into costly repairs. Change the Air

Filters Regularly 

Changing air filters is essential. Pet dander is a small particle that can be caught by the air filters. As time passes, they create massive clogs in your air filters and decrease the airflow. It makes your system work harder to heat your home. As a result, your energy bill increases.

If you have more than one pet in your home, you need to change the air filters more frequently. Pet owner should replace their furnace filters every 20 to 45 days, depending upon the number of pets they have.

Consider Having an Air Purifier 

Many homeowners in Glendale are installing air purification systems in their homes. Whether someone suffers from common allergies, have pets, or want cleaner air, an air purification system is the best solution for you. An air purifier draws the air from surrounding environments and removes odor and other particles such as dust, dirt, and dander.

Arrange Seasonal Checkup and Maintenance for Your Furnace 

If you take preventive measures throughout the year to protect your heating system, you will still need to opt for professional heating maintenance for your system to function smoothly.

Regular inspection by a licensed HVAC technician helps you prevent the spread of pet dander throughout your home. Partnering with Just One Call, Inc. ensures that your furnace is working in its best condition.

Our preventive maintenance plans extend the life of your equipment and prevent emergency heating repair in Glendale. You can also call for furnace repair in Glendale, CA.

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