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How to Find the Perfect Energy Efficiency Services in Glendale, CAEnergy Efficiency Services in Glendale, CA

If you’ve noticed that you’re having trouble with your energy bill these days, then finding the perfect energy efficiency services for your particular needs is going to be critical. Here are some ways to evaluate services that can make you more energy efficient to find the one that meets your needs the best.

Round-the-Clock Service

For starters, it helps if there’s a number you can call whenever you need it, 24-hours, any time of day or night. After all, you never know when you’re going to need help with equipment connected to your energy efficiency, like air conditioners. Plus, in an area like Glendale, it’s particularly important that you can reach someone right away since going without cooling equipment for any amount of time at all can be dangerous.

Variable Payment Options

It also helps when you have multiple options for paying including more than one credit card. For example, instead of just Visa, it helps if they also have Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and so on.

Favorable Reviews from Google

Make sure to check the reviews available for any service you are checking out. This could include reviews on Google Reviews, for example. It’s also a good sign if the company in question has a direct link to review sites like this one. Anything over 4 stars is rather good, but make sure that you go further than that and check what people say about the company. When it comes to energy efficient services, for example, it’s a good idea to see if any of the reviewers have specific details about their experiences. This could include the numbers they had in terms of what they were paying for energy before their experience with the company and after, so you can see just how much they saved. This could include for heating, cooling, and HVAC services in general.

The Better Business Bureau

Another good place to check is the Better Business Bureau or BBB for short. This is a website that reviews specific businesses in the area according to particular standards. The BBB grades these businesses from F to A+. You can review several different bits of information on this site as well, including how many years it has been accredited by the BBB, and how many years it’s been in business total. A company that has been in business longer often has more experience in general as well. This could make them better suited to aiding you with your energy efficiency needs. The site also has some user reviews including a rating for the average review from users. It’s worth noting that these reviews are not taken into account when the BBB makes their final grade decision.

Important BBB Factors

While the user reviews can still be useful and you should read them for specific details, they do tend towards negative since they are often related to complaints. The overall grade rating from BBB will relate to how many complaints the BBB has about the company, how large the business is, how many complaints have been fixed to the customer’s satisfaction, whether the company does what it says it will do to the BBB, government actions against the company and other factors as well. When it comes to energy efficiency companies, this could mean resolving complaints about not saving their money, failing to fix air conditioners properly, and other related issues. In general, if a company has a high rating, like A+, it means that they are more trustworthy and solve complaints quickly.

Three Best Rated

Another good place to look for reviews is the “The Best Rated” website. This will give you options like checking for the top 3 best businesses in a particular field as well as in a particular area like Glendale and areas surrounding Glendale. So, for example, you could look for green HVAC services in this area on the site. Some of the best services will also link to this site to show that they are on it. This is because you ideally don’t want to spend half of your life looking through every possible company offering services for energy efficient heating and cooling. Instead, you’re just going to want to look at those that are the absolute best in terms of history, reviews, trustworthiness, cost, experience, and so on.

Yelp and Other Review Sites

Yelp is another good place to check to see whether a service is rated the way you want. It also has the advantage of allowing you to read specifics from many different people with different problems and in different situations. Some of these situations will be similar to your own so you can get a sense of what your experience might be like if you went with this particular company. This is also the case with other places that do reviews such as Facebook, for example. It’s also a good sign if you can connect to these sites directly from the company’s home page since this communicates a few things. For one, it communicates that the company is committed to providing you with convenient user experience. It also means that they are confident in their performance as seen by the natural reviews of others.

Multiple Communication Options

Different people will want to seek help for energy efficiency in different ways. A company that’s dedicated to making life easier for their clients will have a listed phone number, a listed email address, and a listed place of a business address to give the maximum levels of convenience to their potential customers that’s possible. They will also have options for speaking online in chat format or at least scheduling appointments online in a way that’s nice and easy. Having forms for sending emails right from the site is also certainly a positive sign.

Easy Estimates

There should be an option on the company’s site to get help with energy efficient air conditioning services right from their page. This will often lead to a form email that you can quickly fill out and send right from the site to avoid the inconvenience of having to open your email. You can fill out your personal details here like your name, email, phone number, the type of service you need as well as other details. You should be able to add comments or questions you might have about the estimate into the selected comment box as well. If you can do all of this, then it’s a good sign that the services you get for energy efficiency will be of high quality. At least, the likelihood goes up. Plus, this way you’ll get a good sense of the likely cost and the way the company will treat you from that interaction.

Knowledge of Energy Efficiency Services

You should look at the site to check on their knowledge and experience when it comes to aiding in energy efficiency. This will include how much they’ve worked with ductwork in terms of leaks or evaluating the size, insulation issues, other drafts or leaks at points of entry, evaluating system installation for potential areas of improvement, checking air filters, and other related areas of interest.

You’d be surprised about just how much you can save when professionals with experience can completely comb over your house and systems to evaluate, repair, tune-up, or even replace faulty systems. It is often a substantial amount of money.

Important Factors- Insulation

People often underestimate just how much using an insufficient amount of insulation can have on your overall system efficiency. In fact, it does sometimes happen that the original construction company for a house uses construction methods that are even fundamentally non-insulating themselves. This could very well be the source of the gap in your system that’s causing all the problems.

Air Filters

Also, if an air filter is installed incorrectly, or if it’s just consistently dirty, then it won’t be passing air through it at a proper speed or in the proper way, and this can cause huge inefficiencies as well. Plus, even beyond inefficiencies, it can cause your house to not be properly kept at a comfortable temperature which can be a danger all to itself.

Ducts and Leaks

It’s also common for ducts to be installed at a level where they aren’t large enough to handle the system you have. This is fixable with the right company. If your ducts leak, this is also an important thing to get repaired if you want to increase efficiency.

Thermostats and Other Factors

Sometimes the location for your thermostat or control system is poor and giving your whole system bad information about the relative temperature of the house. Bad settings or other issues with the thermostat can also be the culprit as well. Companies that understand these factors will work out the best.

Getting Started

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