Different Heating System: Know What’s Best For Your Home And Needs

Winters can be either warm and festive or long and bitter cold. Most of the people resort to staying in cuddling in the warming comfort of their home rather than going out. With every drooping temperature, you add a layer to your clothing and crank up the thermostat. Winter is rendered unpleasant without the warmth of a heating system. But with so many festivals and parties this season, energy bills can be a major burden for a lot of people. But not every heating system will have the same effect on your comfort or your wallet.

Different Heating Systems generate a different outcome for both your wallet and the environment. Here’s a brief of what might be the best-suited heating system for your home and what you can expect from it.

Types of Heating System

A heating system comprises three main parts: Heat Source, Heating distribution system, and Control System.

  • Heat Source: Heat source keeps your home warm through heated air or water. Your heater’s heat source might be a boiler, furnace, or heat pump. 
  • Distribution System:  The distribution system helps in the dispersion of warm air, steam, or hot water to heat your home.
  • Control System: Control system consists of the thermostat and heat distribution control.

Below is the list of different Heating Systems, mostly differentiated based on the parts mentioned above.

Forced Air Systems

The forced air system uses air to distribute heat throughout a building or a house via ducts or vents. Forced Air systems provide fast and effective heating swiftly. They are easy to replace.

Boilers (Radiator distribution system)

A boiler uses hot water or steam to power the baseboard radiant. They are small and energy-efficient. Offering low maintenance and effective performance, they are worth every spent. They also use vents and ducts for the distribution of warm air.


Furnaces are one of the oldest and most preferred heating systems. They work by heating air and distributing it throughout the building or house via air ducts and vents. However, they require a regular replacement of air filters.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are multi-purpose, used for both heating and cooling the building. They use electricity and refrigerant to pull heat from the surrounding air rather than generating it.

Active Solar or Electric Heating

Active solar or Electric heating uses solar energy or electricity to heat the building. They both come with a life expectancy of more than 20 years with a high-efficiency rating.

Portable Heaters

Portable heaters are known for their mobility and can be used to heat one room at a time. They use convection to circulate heat in the room. They are an affordable solution to the harsh winter winds.

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Expert HVAC Repair in Glendale, CA

In case you are relocating or renovating your house or office, opting for efficient heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is an essential addition. Installing an HVAC system in your house can be beneficial in many ways. It helps regulate the temperature at your home and provide a comfortable atmosphere at home. But the real challenge is maintaining its working power and efficiency.

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Our HVAC Services

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  • Heating & cooling service.
  • Thermostats
  • Smart thermostats

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Signs that You Need Furnace Repair

Will you be able to spend the chilliest days of winter amidst comfort if the furnace at home is not functioning well? The clear answer is no! No homeowner would like the furnace to develop a snag in the middle of a frosty winter night, for sure. Sometimes, your furnace may exhibit certain signs that hint at the need for repair. Do not overlook these signs when you spot them. It will be prudent to call a suitable HVAC repair Glendale agency. Such an agency will be able to diagnose the device and find out the root of the problems.

Signs that indicate your furnace require servicing soon

  • Cold air- A furnace is meant to blow hot air in the room, but if it blows cool air, something is definitely wrong! This can be caused by various faulty parts. However, in most cases, it is the blower fan or heat exchanger.
  • Odd sounds- As it is, most HVAC systems make some amount of noise. However, modern units operate at lower noise levels than older models. At the highest setting, the furnace may make a humming sound. However, that should not get too loud and cause discomfort. If you find your home furnace is suddenly making a louder sound, get it checked by calling a heating repair in Glendale
  • The spike in energy bills- Running the furnace will consume energy and you will be able to find a pattern in the bill. If you see the energy bill is getting hiked in an unprecedented way, a furnace problem may be the culprit. Of course, rising energy bills can also be caused by a malfunctioning AC. When the heating efficacy of the device falls it strives hard to work and that enhances the bill.
  • Pilot light color changed- This is a telltale sign of the furnace developing problems. If the furnace is running well and every component is functioning as they should this light will be blue. If this light is yellow, you have to hire a repair agency for diagnosis.
  • Dust in-home- Your furnace has an inbuilt filtration system. This is used to filter outside air. If the furnace is old or worn out, its filters will get clogged. It will not be able to filter the dust effectively. You may see dust accumulating inside the room in an unprecedented manner. If you find this is recurring every time you switch on the furnace, call a suitable air conditioning repair in Glendale, CA
  • Switching on and off- If you find the furnace is switched on and off quicker than usual, it may indicate a device reaching the end of its lifespan. Based on room temperature, the HVAC system adjusts the devices, but the motor activation and deactivation frequency should not be intermittent.

Hiring the right agency for furnace repair

When you spot any of these signs, do not waste time and call an HVAC service agency. If you want a one-stop solution for furnace-related issues, contact us at One Call Inc. To know more about its services, call 855-641-8323.